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The Richmond Group USA’s nationally recognized  Manufacturing focused recruiting team draws upon the lessons learned from 50 years of recruiting top talent within the talent short Manufacturing and Engineering markets.
With continuing Baby Boomer retirements, the team understands the existing and growing void of highly skilled technical and leadership talent within the world of engineering and production. Complicating matters, for the last 20 years, many students with an aptitude for math and science have chosen to go into computer science instead of more traditional engineering fields.
While many stories highlight the flight of manufacturers from our country we know that manufacturing remains very strong within The United States. While, at the same time, great talent becomes increasingly difficult to find and hire.
Over the years, our manufacturing team’s searches have expanded from the traditional engineering and operations management positions to quality, continuous improvement (Lean Manufacturing; Six Sigma), supply chain (purchasing, materials management, logistics), Technical Sales and Account Management, and Human Resources.
TRG has the significant experience, relationships and knowledge to locate the more integrated manufacturing talent needed to succeed in today’s global markets. We place great candidates with great companies and position you to succeed with your new organization.

Bruce Peacock

Vice President of Business Development
For 25 years, Bruce has been an example at The Richmond Group USA for all others to follow. His humility, candor, loyalty and success motivate his team members, his clients and the candidates he works with. Since the beginning, Bruce has served a wide range of search related needs of the organizations he works with. His clients count on his for all of their strategic staffing needs as well as other important hiring needs. From CEO’s down throughout the organizations Bruce always delivers the highest quality service and candidates. Bruce has many relationships that go back most of his 25 years with The Richmond Group.
Bruce has experienced an ever-changing marketplace and always seems to stay one step ahead. His innovation and adaptability in the field make him one-of-a-kind within the industry. His experience, knowledge and dedication deliver unrivaled service and are at the foundation of his long term relationships.
“Here at TRG, my personality fits our teams’ aspiration to be successful. We are not okay with mediocrity. My goal every day is to build out my team, processes and the abilities of my co-workers. I want to see the people around me grow their careers and find the enjoyment in this business that I realized years ago.” – Bruce Peacock
Bruce looks forward to collaborating with clients on their most important business decisions. The opportunity to help people he works with grow and improve their lives motivates Bruce to be his very best. There are three things that make this a career for Bruce; the uniqueness, the diversity and the ability to learn every day.

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Joe Young

Director, Manufacturing & Engineering Division
Joe strives to be the best partner a client or candidate experiences. He is motivated by the long-term challenge this profession provides through the evolving staffing needs of his long-term clients. Joe is an expert on changing conditions within the markets he serves and the associated talent shortages. Success for him is measured by his ability to identify, attract, qualify and select the best person and opportunity for the client and the candidate.
“We impact the lives of the people and companies that we interact with every day in a positive way. I am able to influence the bottom line of organizations by the talent I help them identify and onboard. My ability to the drive the careers and success of the companies and candidates I interact with keeps me showing up.” – Joe Young
What sets Joe a part from his competitors and fellow recruiters is the long-term perspective he brings into every client and candidate relationship. His goal is to deliver top talent to organizations over many years. He wants to improve the careers of every candidate he speaks with for the entirety of their working lives. Joe is an expert at helping the candidates he works with better understand what is in their best interests now and in the future.

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Sam Na

Account Coordinator, Manufacturing & Engineering Division
What Sam loves best about being part of The Richmond Group USA is the uniqueness of his role within the organization.  Sam joined TRG back in 2012 and quickly became an integral part of the Manufacturing and Engineering Team.
Sam is involved with many of the important projects the Manufacturing and Engineering team becomes engaged in.  His hybrid role has given him the professional growth and experience that few others receive.  Sam is motivated by the impact his contribution to the team has in their overall success.
“I’ve always been told that there are three major decisions we make in our lives as adults.  Who we marry – Where we live – What we do for a living.  I choose to do what I do because I can, and do, make a significant impact in peoples’ lives each and every day.  Additionally, I truly believe what we do impacts the world!” – Sam Na
Sam has been driven by two major goals while at TRG.  He wants to help guide each candidate through his or her career search and match the candidate with an organization that provides the career development, growth and culture they desire.  When working with clients, Sam wants to deliver unwavering support through the addition of top talent that positively impacts the bottom line and ongoing business decisions.

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