Our Story

Where It All Started

The past 55 years have seen a lot of growth and change as we molded our business to what it is now.  We started with two employees and have grown to 50+. Our history shows how we came to build the company that helps you today. Enjoy a walk down memory lane with us.


Our Start

1967 kicks off the start of The Richmond Group USA. A small office and big dreams created what would become a truly extraordinary company. 


New Leadership

With new advancements comes new leadership. In 1983, we welcomed Jay Schwartz to lead and eventually expand The Richmond Group USA. 


Growth in Services and Brands

1996 starts our journey with an extended family. This year we established PeopleSolutions, our Professional Contract Staffing Company. 


Most Revenues within network of almost 1000 other search firms

In 2001, we hit a milestone earning most revenues within a network of almost 1,000 other search firms. 


The Next Generation

Following suit in his father’s footsteps, Mark Schwartz joins the company in 2008 solidifying our brand as a family-owned and operated company. 


A New Record

In 2010, we hit another milestone earning the most revenues in history for The Richmond Group Companies.


Welcome, WorkRocket!

In 2011 WorkRocket, our RPO Services company was born growing our company to a family of three brands working in unison.  


Prime Legal Staffing

In 2014 we expanded again opening our Legal Company, Prime Legal Staffing in 2014. Prime Legal is now known as Richmond, Virginia’s #1 Legal Staffing firm, winning numerous awards and recognition. 


Like Father, Like Son

In 2014 Mark Schwartz becomes the President of our company.