Heavy Equipment

The Richmond Group USA serves as a trusted adviser to a number of industry leaders in the Heavy Industrial Equipment field. Clients include manufacturers and distributors of construction and heavy industrial equipment; power systems; and material handling products. Our recruiting team has successfully concluded searches ranging from CEOs and other executive level positions to sales representatives and parts and service managers.
The Heavy Equipment industry has undergone a significant cultural change in recent years, moving from a conservative mindset towards a more proactive, customer-driven approach. As a result, our clients are seeking strategic thinkers who can lead them into the future. Drawing upon TRG’s extensive contacts within the industry, the Heavy Equipment team has succeeded over and over again finding and recruiting high-impact players who drive company growth. The team works closely with each client, to better understand where the company wants to go—and the talent needed to get it there.

Justin Hubbard

Director, Heavy Equipment Division
Justin has witnessed the heavy equipment industry go through significant change in recent years. He has recognized the traditional, conservative mindset of the industry move towards a more proactive, customer-driven focus and approach. As a result, Justin understands the future needs and desires of the candidates and clients he interacts with and knows how to help them achieve their goals.
Justin brings his professional commitment to every meeting, whether it be an industry-wide conference or a meeting with his team. Speaking with industry game changers on a daily basis enables him to think two and three moves ahead. He understands what it takes to succeed within the heavy equipment industry, positively impacting bottom lines and changing peoples’ lives for the better.
“The best part about my job is the passion I am able to bring to work each day. It empowers me to be totally engaged with everyone I work with, directly and indirectly. The confidence and trust my clients place in me to solve complicated problems with short and long-term solutions is one of the most rewarding experiences I have. We change lives here every day. Whether it is connecting candidates with great opportunities or solving our client’s needs by identifying top talent, we impact organizations through positive change.” – Justin Hubbard
It is clear to anyone who speaks with Justin that he loves what he does. Justin brings an understanding and experience to his candidates and clients that few others in the staffing industry can boast.

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