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Which Camp Are You In?

Over the past several months of talking with the c-suite in banks from 0-100B, it's interesting how the approach to this marketplace falls squarely into two camps. Here are the two statements we often hear: -this is the time to hunker down -- hold off on new loan growth in favor of reviewing the current portfolio, and make sure we're controlling costs by running as lean as we can. -this is the perfect time to cherry pick the best loans and aggressively hire the best lenders. More banks seem to firmly be in the "hunker down" camp than in the growth camp, but it's fascinating how there seems to be very few executives that don't fall into one of the two camps. Interestingly, most of the banks hunkering down haven't considered how working with a recruiting firm could actually help create efficiencies, while the growth-oriented banks are already partnered closely with us. The opportunities to work with a recruiting firm, however, exist in both camps: -banks looking to hunker down still have a need to ensure their succession plans are in place at every level of leadership. They also need to make sure they have the right leaders currently in place, as well as the best people in place in every function. There are always areas to upgrade the level of talent in the bank, thereby creating a more efficient and lean organization. -banks looking to grow need to know new bankers in a new market where the cost of funds is more favorable; or, perhaps they need to create a new layer of leadership that allows the CEO to delegate certain duties and responsibilities. Whichever camp you fall into, whether it's "hunker down" or "grow", we'd love to hear from you and discuss how we can partner with you to take advantage of these uncertain times together.