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THE BASICS – Linkedin Profile Photo 

  • Professional Attire: Dress for the job you want! Make sure to wear the attire that speaks to the job you want in your LinkedIn Profile Photo.
  • Clean up Nice. Your profile photo should resemble how you would look for an interview. Practice personal grooming to ensure you are putting your best face forward!
  • Good Quality. Use a high-quality photo as your profile picture to show you go the extra mile! See if you can have a friend or colleague take a few shots for you.

What does your LinkedIn banner say about you?

Your LinkedIn profile banner image is the perfect place to let people know how to contact you. Include your email, phone number, and website. That way, if potential clients or hiring professionals want to get in touch they can do so without hassle.


  • Make it easy for people to contact you. List your email, number, and any other form of communication multiple times throughout your profile.

  • Add all relevant experience you have had in the past. If it doesn’t align with your current career it still gave you a professional experience!

  • Just like the experience section, add all of your education. This includes abroad study, certifications, and any form of education that can support your career.


EFFORTLESS CONTACT: Make it extremely easy for people to contact you. List your email, number, and any other form of communication multiple times throughout your profile.

STAY ACTIVE: Post professional content or repost content 3-5 times a week. Stay consistent with this to grow your connections, followers, and online presence.

ENGAGE DAILY: Most importantly, engage in conversations! Comment on posts often. Comment on your own posts and tag someone to ask their opinion. The more active you are, the better.

BUDDY SYSTEM: LinkedIn works off of algorithms that favor popular posts. This means posts that get comments and likes will be seen more. Find a colleague or friend to help give your posts a boost by sharing and interacting with them. It is mutually beneficial, so you’ll be helping your friends along the way.

BRAG: Your LinkedIn Profile is your online platform to showcase your skills and accomplishments. Don’t leave any out! Hiring professionals will be viewing your page, make sure it is up-to-date.

#HASHTAG: Adding hashtags helps surface your content to other members. Hashtags act as keywords that allow your content to show when that #keyword is in a search.


Search Engine Optimization:

Is the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for services related to you in search engines. The better visibility you have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract people to your profile.

  • Identify the Right Keywords for Your LinkedIn Profile: The first step in optimizing your LinkedIn presence is to identify the keywords and phrases your industry will use when searching for employees and services.
  • Connect with Relevant Prospects. LinkedIn looks at how you are connected to the “searcher.” Your profile is more likely to show up in a LinkedIn searcher’s first page of results if you are first-level connections. So, connecting with prospects is key.
  • Label Backgrounds. Just like your headshot, make sure you are renaming your banner to include keywords. Include the two or three most important to you in both your headshot and banner image files.
  • Emphasize Value in Your About Section. You have 2000 characters available to emphasize your value to the reader. Make sure you include the right keywords so that your target audience can find you and access your content.
  • Get Recommendations. Similar to Accomplishments, when someone writes a recommendation that you publish on your profile, you show up on their profile. While the testimonial alone is powerful, the fact that it can help others find you more easily is a bonus.