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The Manufacturing Search Division team is dedicated to solving the talent acquisition needs of a variety of organizations.

Our goal is to partner with clients to understand the story that makes their company, role and location unique. The partnership we create with our clients allows us to promote the company and opportunity. Our conversational, “get to know you”, approach inspires candidates to take action on a career opportunity. We work meticulously to ensure a positive and engaging interview process transpires.

We successfully work all over the country serving many industries including: heavy manufacturing, food and beverage production, specialty materials, chemicals, paper and forest products, packaging, mining and metals, environmental resources, OEM Machinery, discreet manufacturing, robotics, and CPG.

Our team has the unique knowledge and experience to help your organization identify and attract the top performers within your industry.

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  • Talent Attraction – We are the partner you just never knew your needed.  Our practice within the firm is quickly able to help our clients understand what they need and who to go after to execute high level goals.  We work in our markets each and every day, which allows us to have an immediate audience for attracting the right talent not necessarily actively seeking out new opportunities.  We partner to attract and retain top talent for clients.  Helping them grow their businesses to the next level.
  • Confidential Searches – With decades of confidential execution under our belts, as a firm we make sure that our candidate’s and client’s information and processes are handled with the utmost confidentiality.  We help our clients confidentially upgrade top roles, and entire departments to help them gain a competitive edge for growth.  Likewise, as a candidate working with our firm your search will be handled with the same confidentiality and discretion.
  • Compensation Analysis – In the current “war for talent” candidates are gravitating towards different buckets to make transition decisions.  We are a value-added partner for our clients making sure they are market competitive with the right compensation structure to attract and acquire top talent into their businesses.
  • Organizational Design – Armed with years of experience seeing how many different organizations are designed and how they develop effective org structure to execute goals and initiatives globally, we help our current and future client’s build the best structure within their businesses to be both competitive and highly effective against their competition.

Meet The Team

Bruce Peacock

Vice President of Business Development

For over 30 years, Bruce has been an example at The Richmond Group USA for all others to follow. His humility, candor, loyalty, and success motivate his team members, as well as the clients and candidates he works with. Since the beginning, Bruce has served a wide range of search related needs of the organizations he works with. His clients count on him for all of their strategic staffing needs, as well as other important hiring needs. From CEO’s down throughout the organizations Bruce always delivers the highest quality service and candidates. Bruce has many relationships that go back most of his 30+ years with The Richmond Group.
Bruce has experienced an ever-changing marketplace and always seems to stay one step ahead. His innovation and adaptability in the field make him one-of-a-kind within the industry. His experience, knowledge and dedication deliver unrivaled service and are the foundation of his long term relationships.
“Here at TRG, my personality fits our teams’ aspiration to be successful. We are not okay with mediocrity. My goal every day is to build out my team, processes and the abilities of my co-workers. I want to see the people around me grow their careers and find the enjoyment in this business that I realized years ago.” – Bruce Peacock
Bruce looks forward to collaborating with clients on their most important business decisions. The opportunity to help people he works with grow and improve their lives motivates Bruce to be his very best. There are three things that make this a career for Bruce; the uniqueness, the diversity, and the ability to learn every day.

Zach Price

Client Director: Chemical & Manufacturing Division

Zach has the motivation and experience to benefit high impact chemical industry professionals and leaders and the ability to to meet the crucial staffing needs for our clients. Working with Chemical and related Process-Manufacturing organizations since his start at the Richmond Group in 2009, Zach has developed the skills necessary to solve any problem that may arise. He facilitates hiring top talent for his clients and accelerates the career growth and personal aspirations of the talented professionals he speaks with daily.

What differentiates Zach from other search consultants within the industry is his commitment to engaging in open communication, maintaining confidentiality and building trust. It is Zach’s continued goal to provide a service and develop solutions that have a significant impact on each client’s success and each candidate’s aspirations.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities The Richmond Group USA is working on in the chemical technologies industry, or would just like to connect with Zach for the future, he’d love to hear from you.

Morgan Beaton

Recruiter - Client Support Executive

Morgan joined The Richmond Group USA Team in November of 2023 as a Client Support Executive/Recruiter in the Manufacturing Division. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Biochemistry. After graduation, Morgan spent 10 years in high-volume retail management.

In her spare time, Morgan enjoys reading, visiting local wineries, and spending time with her husband and their German Shepherd, Piper.

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