Tired of Negative Life Science Headlines? We have a Positive View

Tired of Negative Life Science Headlines? We have a Positive View

Negative headlines have been in full swing recently in the Life Sciences industry. 

From stories about rising drug prices and safety concerns to articles about companies experiencing financial difficulties, it’s no surprise that hiring managers and candidates alike in biotech, pharma and medical device fields can feel discouraged. It’s true there are many challenges facing the Life Sciences industry today, but we have a more optimistic take on these newsworthy topics. By taking a closer look at some of the real successes over the past few years, by analyzing cutting-edge research findings, innovative technologies, and new product launches comes a more balanced narrative.  

Moderna will be hiring over 2,000+ professionals this year despite market uncertainty. 

Moderna just released Phase III results of their new vaccine for RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) that was 83.7% effective in preventing the virus. With statistics like this, and the FDAs approval – it will lead to more hiring and the need for additional roles. This will soak up a lot of the recent layoffs within this region, keeping the labor market tight and increasing the need for talent and recruitment services.  

Don’t Just Listen To The Headlines. 

The Life Sciences sector has had its share of negative headlines this year, from site closures to declining investments. Despite these setbacks, a fair amount of progress is still being made. Recent news out of the Life Science and Pharma industries have highlighted advancements in continued R&D (Research and Development) investments, positive clinical trial results and FDA approvals. At times it may not seem like it, but there are still many dedicated scientists and researchers in niche disciplines that need hiring help due to a tight labor supply. This need for Life Sciences talent rarely finds itself on the front page of headlines but that doesn’t mean hiring isn’t happening behind the scenes. It’s important to pay attention to headlines to identify general trends, however, they typically overshadow the hidden labor market within.  

Let’s Not Forget That This Industry Is Making a Difference in People’s Lives Every Day. 

It’s not just the C-Suites of Life Science companies but the vast amount of Life Sciences professionals that are the backbone of this industry, paving the way to a better and more healthy future. The Richmond Group Life Sciences division has proven success in helping Life Science talent grow in their careers while also supporting hiring professionals to find and attract the talent they need. We believe that Life Science Professionals are the unsung heroes in an industry helping to save lives all over the world. We are here to help and support this ever-evolving industry.  

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