2023 – The Age of Social Hiring

2023 – The Age of Social Hiring

2023 – The Age of Social Hiring

As more and more candidates turn to social media for job research, companies are taking advantage of these platforms as part of their hiring strategies. Social recruiting and recruitment marketing strategies are becoming an increasingly important part when it comes to talent acquisition since research indicated that more than 75% of job seekers research about a company’s reputation and employer brand before applying. 

It has become a necessity to use social media in talent acquisition. The average internet user (job seeker) has over five social media accounts. As of 2022, LinkedIn has at least 849.6 million members – roughly 10.7% of all the people on Earth have a LinkedIn account today. Following suit, Facebook has over 2 billion active users and Twitter has over 300 million, and those numbers only continue to grow.  Social media now doubles as business media where people may go to interact with friends, express their passions, shop trends and, yes, find their next job. 

The graph below outlines the top information Job seekers look for when applying for a job or researching your company. 


Use Social Platforms to make Better Hires | Tailor your job descriptions and Company Profile 


Key Takeaways 

  • More companies will use social media to assess candidates. 
  • Brands will have to improve their reputation to have a chance at hiring top talents. 
  • Companies will be leveraging technologies like CRM and social media platforms to reach out to candidates. 

Benefits of Social Media Recruiting  

  • Increases job visibility 
  • Higher quality candidates 
  • Better employer brand awareness 
  • Reduce cost of hire 
  • Opens the door to engagement 
  • Shortens hiring time 

Tips for advertising a job on social media 

  • Work with your marketing team to create advertisements that entice potential candidates. Discuss with your marketing/branding team the perks and benefits of roles to excite candidates about the opportunity.  
  • Be concise. People scroll through social media quickly and spend very little time looking at each individual post, so your advertisement needs to get the point across quickly. 
  • Include all the relevant information. Similarly, social media users tend to be reluctant to follow a link to more information, so make sure the most important details are covered in the post itself. Make the content easy to digest and call to actions simple enough for the viewer to immediately respond.  
  • Advertise your company, not just a job. Advertising on social media is a chance to display your company culture, so try to reflect that in your posts. 
  • Target the right audience. Make sure you post your advertisement where candidates in your industry will see it, and tailor it to the platform you’re using.  




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