Look to The Person, Not the Paper: Leverage Recruiters

Look to The Person, Not the Paper: Leverage Recruiters

A Resume is Not a Conversation

We took a recent survey and of course, it seems obvious that everyone wants to look past that 8×10 piece of paper, most hiring professionals simply don’t have time to do what recruiters are exclusively dedicated to – having conversations.

Resume formats may have evolved over the years, though their role in making talent decisions has not. Although resumes provide a lot of valuable information about a candidate, they alone are not predictive of performance or reflective of a candidate’s true potential. This summary is one glimpse into who candidates are as complete people. We believe a candidate’s employability is so much more than a piece of paper.  

According to Glassdoor, most hiring professionals spend 7 seconds or less screening resumes. That is less than a minute to decide whether a candidate should get an interview or not. Bonkers.  

“As an organization, we have always believed that 50% of a hire is chemistry. It’s conversations that allow chemistry to play out. Have conversations. Hire people not a resume. Worst case scenario, you make connections along the way.” 

— Mark Schwartz, President TRG

Where Resumes Go Wrong 

We understand employers must narrow the scope of applicants by sifting through resumes. Hiring screening processes are now largely automated, during the sifting process, many potential great fits are lost during resume keyword scanning and applicant tracking systems (ATS). This is where recruiters can have a high impact on your hires. Recruiters will discover what tracking systems will not. Through thorough real-life conversations, recruiters uncover abilities and expertise that software systems would bypass. 

Recruiters Uncover What Matters 

A recruiter will ask targeted questions to uncover a fuller picture of a candidate’s competency, critical thinking and personality. This allows you to read between the lines and have your talent prequalified. When recruiters and hiring managers only focus on hard skills and work experience, rather than a person’s potential and soft skills, they are more likely to miss hiring someone who will excel in a role and help the organization flourish.  

We challenge you to look beyond resumes to find your next great hire. Do not miss the chance to employ someone extraordinary. Leverage a recruiter’s expertise to discover the best talent for your team. 

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