Ease Heightened Emotions in an Uncertain Economy

Ease Heightened Emotions in an Uncertain Economy

Our company has noticed emotions are high due to economic changes. As recession talk heats up, so may your anxiety. 

In this recession, the direction of the labor market will be key in determining the future state of the economy. Following a typical recession, when consumers buy less, businesses cannot sell as much, and they are forced to lay off workers; and the vicious cycle begins. On the upside, our current market has twice the number of job openings as unemployed people so, employers are not going to be so quick to lay employees off.  

Regardless of the severity of this recession, we understand any type of economic slump is enough to fire up anxiety and cause overwhelming emotions. Below we provide suggestions to get ahead of your anxiety, prepare for potential changes and cope before it takes a toll on your mental health.  

Take a Step Back. 

It may sound trite but taking a moment to simply pause and take a few deep breaths can do wonders. Review and reflect on your current status. Do a ‘worst-case scenario’ exercise. Think about whatever is stressing you the most and contemplate the worst thing that could happen.  If you can live through it or deal with that, then you are ok. If you are healthy, have some great people in your life and live in a country where you are free to express yourself, you are doing pretty good.  

Narrow your focus. 

Try to take your focus away from the news and center inward on yourself and your current goals. When you do listen to the news, do your best to observe not absorb. Discern enough to be aware of current economic statuses and news updates, then let the anxiety of those updates go. You do not have to carry the weight of the world’s news on your shoulders. After all, the human brain wasn’t designed with the capacity to empathize with every catastrophe. Practice living in the duality of educating yourself and staying in your own lane.  

Proactive planning.  

54% of U.S. adults said they are somewhat or very anxious about their finances. 

That percentage drops to 46% for people who work with a financial advisor and 47% for those who self-identify as disciplined planners. 

Anxiety boils down to uncertainty around future events, assessing your current finances and talking to a financial advisor could ease your mind. Preparing for the unknown will assuage your worry and increase your confidence that things will turn out alright. People who plan show more control over their emotions, less stress, more positive emotional health and life outcomes.  

25% of our happiness hinges on how well we’re able to manage stress and anxiety. Remedy this by fighting stress before it even starts and planning things rather than letting them happen.” The more you plan, the more stress and anxiety are minimized. — Robert Epstein, psychologist and self-help author. 

Being prepared will ease your emotions. Take a calm step back before a worried step forward. 


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