Take Ownership of Your Career Progression

Take Ownership of Your Career Progression

Career progression is essentially an employee’s ‘workplace journey.’ It encompasses all the steps one takes in their career to improve. Typically, a combination of titles, compensation or skills – and the steps it took to achieve this winning trio.  

Some careers have obvious and clear progression, lucky. On the other hand, the majority needs to forward plan and think about where they want to be in order to progress within their career. If career progression is pushed to the side, you may become stagnant or complacent in your position, resulting in dissatisfaction within your career. It is your job to plan out your career to continue an upward momentum, if you have an employer willing to help or mentor you, bonus.  

From an employer’s perspective, career progression is also important to think about from a staff retention point of view – if employees have a clear progression path, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to their jobs. 

Use these tips to steer your workplace journey in the right direction and kickstart your career progression.

1. Find A Trusted Mentor in Your Industry.
Mentors are great. Amongst other things, they can help you to identify and work on the skills you need to succeed at work. They can also support you through any difficulties or challenges you are having – everything ahead of you can feel quite daunting and overwhelming. A mentor will listen to your ideas and thoughts in a constructive and non-judgmental way.

2. Use Your Reviews – Performance Speaks for Itself.
Feedback really helps to understand what you are doing well and what/where you can improve.  It is also an opportunity to set or keep track of development goals. Performance generally does speak for itself and your boss is likely to judge you based on output.  

3. Invest in Yourself
The magic doesn’t just happen in the workplace. Invest in your education, skills and communication outside of work. Seek out useful certifications or books that can aid your skills and self-development. Learn about your EQ and expand your intellect and behavioral knowledge. Doing this will help you succeed within your career and grow into an evolved person – creating higher self-esteem and confidence.

4. Make A Plan and Speak Up – You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For.
Consider creating your own personal development plan to help show clear actions and goals.  No matter how motivated you are to move your career forward, if you don’t voice this to your boss, it is possible that your career goals may never be fulfilled. If you appear happy and are performing well in your career, it is easy for your boss to presume that you feel satisfied in your career. Discuss career progression opportunities with your manager and the potential ways that you could develop within the business. If they want to keep you on board, they will be happy to support your career, so you can keep moving in the right direction.

5. Reflect
Whether you are a long way ahead on your road or whether your road ahead is a long and winding one, don’t forget to stop occasionally to clear your head. From personal experience, I produce my best ideas when I take a step back and reflect. Otherwise, I tend to overthink and overcomplicate. So, don’t forget to take a breather every now and again and most importantly, don’t feel guilty about it – self-reflection is a great thing.

Career progression is important to think about at every stage of your career. You should have an idea in your head about where you want to be in one, three or five years (And if you don’t, don’t beat yourself up about it. Rather, get curious about it). Remember, success isn’t a straight line, it is almost never that way.  Perhaps taking a step back or to the side will ultimately help your future. Success is a long game, not a short one. Enjoy the ride – reflect, plan and speak up to make your goals a reality. 

 Happy progression.  

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