Sales & Marketing

The Richmond Group USA has been recruiting and filling sales and marketing roles at all levels for 50 years.  It is at the core of who we are.  Our sales and marketing team focuses on specific niches and products in order to build the databases and relationships needed to bring the product specific sales and marketing backgrounds required for our client’s success.
One example of our focused approach to sales and marketing recruiting is our Industrial Equipment search team where the understanding of engineered products and equipment is essential to success.   We know that qualified candidates not only understand the business, they understand the equipment and what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction.
Most organizations underestimate the impact of a great sales team and a great marketing team. We haven’t. Sales and marketing are, at times, separate contributors that must work together to create success and growth within any industry.
The Richmond Group has the unique knowledge and experience to help your organization identify and attract the top performers you need to drive your business forward.
We recognize the importance of a strong sales and marketing team and as a result have been able to successfully fill the needs of our clients for almost 50 years.

Terri Kubicki

Account Executive, Industrial Equipment and Packaging Products and Equipment
Terri always knew she had a knack for sales. It started when she took 800 candy bars and turned that into a bike and decided that wasn’t enough. Now, with almost two decades of sales, management and recruitment experience, the same thing that caused Terri to have success in sales has caused her to be a client favorite, her superior ability to relate to people.
Terri’s able to recruit the challenging sales and marketing talent her clients want by bonding with candidates that other recruiters cannot get to open up. Because Terri cares she has helped many top candidates capture better opportunities while improving the client results.
“My ability to better people’s lives, positions and careers is what makes this career so much fun.  Successfully matching candidates is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. What I enjoy the most, what keeps me going day in and day out…are the conversations I have with great people who appreciate the service I provide and are willing to stretch beyond their comfort zones in order to realize the best possible solutions.” – Terri Kubicki
Sales and Marketing for equipment manufacturers is a unique opportunity, one in which Terri has become the best at. With connections, knowledge and a data base that few other recruiters possess, TRG is able to bring to our client organizations the talent others have a hard time finding.

Here's what Terri's clients say about her...