Life Sciences

With almost 20 years of specialized search experience within life sciences, The Richmond Group USA has become expert recruiters in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Diagnostics.
Each specialized area within Life Sciences requires a level of experience and skill set that is not found within most search firms. Combining our experience and knowledge of the field with the significant search experience of our Life Sciences team, you can count on TRG for the successful fulfillment of your most important searches.  Our industry relationships built over several decades along with our tremendous research capabilities allow us to provide the right solutions for any search we are charged with.
One of the overwhelming factors we face each and every day is the talent shortage within the Life Science field. We know it takes great skill and experience within this highly complex field to uncover the talent that will allow our clients to successfully develop and bring products into the field.

Shawn Barley

President, Life Sciences Division
Having joined The Richmond Group USA back in 2001, Shawn has certainly experienced the ups and downs of the Biotechnology industry. Yet, even after all that time, he continues to record top performing results and receive nationally acclaimed awards.
Our work helps to save lives and cure diseases. How often have you heard a recruiter boast that statement? With every successful project and search, Shawn improves lives and the chances of continued life. Knowing that we truly can and do make a difference makes everything about this profession worthwhile and extraordinary.
“There is no other industry in the world that I can directly see the impact I make and the quality of my work. Within my field, I am saving lives and curing diseases. Typically, those quotes are heard from doctors. But, I am in the unique situation of directly influencing the success of an organization and their ability to do just that, save lives and cure diseases. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing the stories and accounts from the companies that realize how significant the right individual can be in any situation.” – Shawn Barley
Life Sciences is one of the most unique and knowledge driven industries in the marketplace today. Over the past decade we have served this industry, we have observed countless organizations battle each other for top-tier talent. Being experts at identifying the fit between employer and candidate takes more than just the drive for success, it takes a true understanding of the needs and wants of both clients and candidates. At TRG, we have developed the industry relationships and superior recruiting skills needed to succeed within this field for our clients and the candidates we bond with.

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