The growth of the healthcare industry over the years has created the need for experts to help identify and match the best talent with the right environment and team. The better the match and placement, the better the patient outcomes and positive impact on the bottom line. Our 25+ years of healthcare industry expertise makes us uniquely qualified to identify and solve staffing challenges.
We are more than just a recruitment firm. In fact, we don’t even use the term “recruiter.” It doesn’t tell the whole story. We are your resource. Our understanding of the healthcare industry is unmatched and we are proud to provide you with the best possible solutions. We are experts at providing proactive, strategic staffing solutions to the entire healthcare industry.
HealthTrust Advisors and The Richmond Group USA combine over 50 years of staffing expertise with more than 25 years of healthcare industry experience. We have strategically hand-picked our staff of specialists who understand the healthcare industry from top to bottom. When it comes down to continuity and quality of care, we understand the processes along the way.
Whether you specialize in clinic workflows, dragging IT integration, executive issues or inconsistent patient outcomes – we get it. We understand how to evaluate an organization’s needs and provide the people needed to insure your success.
At HealthTrust Advisors, we are dedicated to create a fulfilling healthcare staffing experience, one search and one person at a time.
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Scott Decker

Vice President, HealthTrust Advisors
Since the day Scott graduated from VCU he has been in the healthcare industry. Specifically, Scott has served as a revenue cycle consultant, compliance and process expert and acquisition and staffing consultant for organizations in the healthcare industry throughout the Mid-Atlantic.
Scott joined HealthTrust Advisors and The Richmond Group USA in 2015. His focus is and has always been, to provide the best possible staffing solutions to healthcare organizations. Scott believes matching the right individual with the right environment creates a positive effect on patient outcomes and ultimately, the bottom line. He is the industry expert at providing proactive staffing solutions to the entire healthcare industry.
“The opportunity I have to work with great people each and every day inspires me to always be better and provide the best quality work for each person and each organization I work with. This is an industry that can improve people’s lives with the care provided to them. That all starts with the right talent being matched with the right environment and team. Much like the actual healthcare industry, there are never two days that are the same and I like it that way.” – Scott Decker
Scott’s experience and healthcare knowledge provide a competitive advantage over other recruiters. He cares and he wants what is best for every client and candidate he develops a relationship with.

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Bill Schmidt

Vice President, Executive Search – Senior Living Division, HealthTrust Advisors
Working in the healthcare industry means you’re in the business of impacting and saving lives. Bill has been serving the healthcare industry for over 20 years. Although he may not be the one performing the lifesaving surgeries or treatments, Bill identifies and matches healthcare professionals to organizations that result in the best possible fit for all parties involved. Bill understands that a successful hire will impact both the client and the candidate for many years in the future.
Bill has joined HealthTrust Advisors and re-joined The Richmond Group USA to continue his goal of positively impacting healthcare organizations. This is achieved on both sides of the coin. Matching top talent with top tier organizations and vice versa.
“What I enjoy the most are the conversations I get to have every day with extraordinary people. Whether it is someone looking for a better career opportunity or healthcare leaders trying to reach the next level, these people teach me something new each day. And, I like to think I help them understand something better than they did prior to our association. The better I understand the person and organization, the better the solution I can provide. Delivering distinctive solutions to both parties is not only rewarding, it is just flat out fun.” – Bill Schmidt
Bill brings a long and valuable track record to our team. With his history in the healthcare industry and his leadership prowess, he understands what it takes for organizations to succeed and what is in the best interests of the candidates he works with.

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