Throughout our entire history we have met and changed amazing people’s lives. We can honestly admit there is no better feeling than knowing that we have made a significant impact for our candidates in a professional and personal way.



Resume Writing

Your resume is an essential part of your marketing campaign. It’s the promotional piece that advertises your product – YOU. It is a powerful selling tool that not only details your background and experience, but can reflect your career accomplishments to persuade the potential employer to contact you. Effectively written and thoughtfully composed resumes will translate into interviews.
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Resignation Help

You are considering a change because your present position or company does not offer the potential for growth you seek. You have looked at your decision to change both logically and emotionally, and it’s the emotional decision that is the hardest. That old axiom, “don’t let your heart rule your mind” is much easier to say than do. But the fact remains that your needs are not being satisfied.
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Interviewing Tips

The preparation: Before you walk into any interview, you should know as much about the company and the position as you possibly can. If you found the position through a recruiter, he or she should be able to provide that information for you. If not, search the web or go to the library. In today’s world of mass communication, there’s no excuse for lack of research.
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Relocation Support

Most professionals eventually face a relocation decision. The decision whether or not to relocate should be made before you receive a job offer. That’s right. You should know the answer to the question “will you relocate?” as early in the interview process as possible. You owe it to yourself to be sure that, if an acceptable offer is extended, you are ready to accept it.
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We know how to maintain confidences. We understand why this is important to you and assure you that a confidential approach will be a priority of ours.
We showcase you in a manner that highlights your expertise and experiences without sacrificing confidentiality.
The Richmond Group USA takes our confidentiality very seriously. In an industry that at times calls for discretion, we have no intentions of jeopardizing our confidentiality promise with you at any point during our partnership.

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