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After 50 years in the search business, we know that chemical technologies and products impact our daily lives now and will continue to do so far into the future.  As a search firm specializing within the industry, we have worked with clients ranging from innovative start-ups to global manufacturers in most areas of the Chemical and related industries.
Our team has the unique knowledge and experience to help you identify and discover more about the opportunities made available to you within our network of employers. We have been developing this network for five decades in order to provide our candidates with the best possible opportunities. We hold the knowledge, experience  and relationships you need to make your next career move and land your dream job.
Overcoming the challenge of a niche industry, our Chemical Technologies Team has successfully fulfilled many key placements throughout the field. We are the experts our candidates depend upon to provide them the opportunities they desire to better their career. With ongoing search activity within the field, we are constantly developing our relationships with clients across the country every day. Our ability to understand the needs of both candidate and client allows us the ability to create a perfect match.
Our success is defined by your hiring success no matter what the need. Our commitment will always be to help better your career situation and change your life for the better.

Zach Price

Director, Chemical Technologies Division
Zach has the motivation and experience to benefit high impact chemical industry professionals and leaders and the ability to to meet the crucial staffing needs for our clients. Working with Chemical and related Process-Manufacturing organizations since his start at the Richmond Group in 2009, Zach has developed the skills necessary to solve any problem that may arise. He facilitates hiring top talent for his clients and accelerates the career growth and personal aspirations of the talented professionals he speaks with daily.
“I solve problems. While working with clients, as well as, candidates, I am ensuring that the problems they are experiencing are proactively being worked on and eventually solved. The challenge of the search and connecting high impact players with great clients drives me each and every day. Talking to extremely talented and fascinating people and collaborating with hiring managers and colleagues to invent creative solutions and ideas is the best part of my job.” – Zach Price
What differentiates Zach from other search consultants within the industry is his commitment to engaging in open communication, maintaining confidentiality and building trust. It is Zach’s continued goal to provide a service and develop solutions that have a significant impact on each client’s success and each candidate’s aspirations.
If you are interested in learning more about opportunities The Richmond Group USA is working on in the chemical technologies industry, or would just like to connect with Zach for the future, he’d love to hear from you.

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