With almost 50 years in the search business, and decades of working in and serving the banking industry, The Richmond Group has the unique knowledge and experience to help your organization identify and attract the top performers you need to drive your business forward.
While banking has encountered many changes, one change that has not occurred is our dedication to serving the search needs of our banking clients. Our ability to identify, qualify and bring our clients the very best talent within the field has remained, and will always remain, constant.
We have developed an extensive database of talented bankers throughout the country as well as a large informal referral network established to uncover the hidden achievers necessary to increase market success.

Jon Burkhart

Regional President, Banking Division
Jon has the knowledge and experience needed to identify high-ranking, revenue-generating banking professionals in the US. Jon understands the motivating forces of support, stability and autonomy that drive top contributors to seek change. Keeping abreast of changes in banking regulations and the industry positions Jon to assist banks continue their success and grow. Simply put, Jon finds and brings to his clients top employees other recruiters within the banking industry just do not provide.
“My ability to make such a significant and positive impact in the lives of our candidates and the organizations we work with is what drives me. In most instances, we better people’s lives, positions and careers. I know this because we receive thank you notes from candidates who have told us we presented them an opportunity that completely changed their lives for the better. There’s no better feeling, in my opinion, than knowing that you’ve made someone’s quality of life measurably better. There is no single part of this job that I like better than another — I enjoy it all!” – Jon Burkhart
Unlike many recruiters in the business, Jon is a banker by trade and HE KNOWS the industry. His knowledge and expertise has positioned him to rise to any occasion and successfully lead The Richmond Group’s banking division. He understands the importance of listening to client needs and providing solutions that deliver results, which stems from knowing the industry he serves.
If you are interested in learning more about opportunities The Richmond Group USA is searching for in the banking industry, or would just like to connect with Jon for the future, he’d love to hear from you.

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